wondering about compatibility of hardware on my 84GN

Discussion in 'Powerlogger for Buick' started by ShaunKris, Jun 29, 2019.

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    Whomever has knowledge and experience, I'm new to this, but super eager/pesty to learn. I was just curious about using multiple systems and their compatibility. I have a hot air car so I just want to maximize my setup as much as possible. A bit of info on what is there, I have ordered the Axis interface with the chip, the LT1 MAF, 60# inj, and the Powerlogger. I have a ScanmasterG, 255lph FP, adjustable FPR, I have an adjustable WGA(not yet installed, because it raises my boost to about 20#s), the motor was built with forged pistons, it has a 202/210 @050 112LSA Cam, 1.6:1 RR, Stock crank, and is internally balanced. I just installed a Coldcase perf Rad, and a Flowkooler W/P. it has a 160 thermostat as well. I appreciate your grace in response. I realize that the Axis interface is a stand alone product, but I was was curious if the Powerlogger would work with it and how I could utilize it. Beyond that what crucial bits should I leave out or add?
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    I also purchased the AEM wideband from you as well.
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    The Powerlogger is a stand alone data logger and works with any chip. It just records data, so there's no issue with compatibility.
    Sounds like you have all the basics covered to get you going.
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    Right on man! Thanks for helping a brother out!

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