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    This thread will cover the installation of the Powerlogger software for Windows 10. This is very similar to the install procedure for Windows 7. This does not cover the install of the Powerlogger board itself, just the software.

    If you have a newer Powerlogger (bought in 2015 and newer), then Windows should recognize the Powerlogger when plugged in and install its own drivers. On some computers, it will need to update the drivers, so make sure you are connected to the internet. It could take a few minutes.

    If you have a Powerlogger from 2014 and older, and you are now trying to use it on a Windows 10 system, then follow the instructions in this thread for installing the drivers. There is a way to reprogram your old Powerlogger so Windows will recognize it more automatically, but I'll cover that in a different thread as it's a bit more involved.

    You do not need a CD drive on your laptop to install the software. You can download the software and install it that way. This is the link to the current software: You can "right click" on it and select "save target as", then select "desktop" and save it there. This is a compressed file that will need to be decompressed (or "unzipped" or "extracted").

    Once it's on your desktop, right-click on it and select "Extract all". This will extract it and create a "Powerlogger" folder on your desktop. The software is now on your computer. This folder holds the actual Powerlogger program called "PLC", some install instructions, and the drivers.

    Here is what you will normally see inside the folder:


    For Windows 10, if installing the older Powerlogger, we'll need to make a change to Windows 10 to allow the installation of the drivers.

    We'll need to disable signed driver enforcement. Use the following steps to disable driver signature enforcement. (might want to print this out)

    Click the Start Start menu and select Settings.
    Click Update and Security.
    Click on Recovery.
    Click Restart now under Advanced Startup. You will see "please wait"
    Click Troubleshoot.
    Click Advanced options.
    Click Startup Settings.
    Click on Restart.
    On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement.
    Your computer will immediately restart and you will be able to finish the driver install.

    Next is installing the drivers...
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  2. EricM

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    Make sure your Powerlogger is installed in the ECM and your ignition key is ON.
    Connect your laptop to the Powerlogger using the USB cable.
    You may hear a sound indicating Windows has recognized that you plugged something in.
    You might see a message about Windows trying to install a driver and then it says it did not successfully install, or you might not see any message.

    For Windows 10, go to the search bar at the bottom and type in "devices and printers". In the results, select "Devices and Printers".


    This window below should come up. Sometimes it takes a minute for all devices to show up.


    The "unspecified" device is the Powerlogger. The drivers have not been installed yet, so Windows doesn't know what it is. Sometimes it will say Powerlogger under it.

    Right-click on that device and hit "properties"

    Then this window will come up. Click on the "hardware" tab at the top.


    Click on the "Properties" button, then you will see this:


    Click on the "Change Settings" button. Then you will see this:


    Click on the "Update Driver" button. Then this will come up:


    Click "Browse my computer for driver software"


    You'll need to navigate to where you have the Powerlogger folder, then expand it and click on the "Drivers" folder and press OK.

  3. EricM

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    Once you have selected the "Drivers" folder, click ok, then click "Next" on the next window.

    If this error screen comes up, then you need to disable Signed Driver Enforcement, which I went over in the first post, and start over.

    Hopefully you don't see that error window, and you see this next window:


    Click "Install this driver software anyway"
    Then you will see this:


    So the first of two drivers is installed.
    Close all the windows, and get back to the "Devices and Printers" window.

  4. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    Right-click on the device again, and click properties.

    Then click the Hardware tab and you'll see this.


    Click on "USB Serial Port" to make sure its highlighted, then click Properties at the bottom.

    Just like before, you will press "Change Settings", "Update Driver", then "Browse My Computer", then navigate to the Powerlogger folder on your desktop and highlight Drivers folder, just like last time. Click next and the 2nd driver should load up.

    Close all the windows. All the drivers are now loaded.

    You should now be able run the PLC program, click the "monitor" button at the top, and PLC should connect and display data.
  5. trbojo

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    Eric, this worked perfectly. Just did the install today. Thanks again for your continued support.
  6. 1ndytta

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    Had trouble initially but after going through this, worked great!

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