USB Connectivity Issues

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  1. Royal-T

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    Anyone have any instances of USB being unable to connect.... I cannot connect 98% of the time. The only way i was able to connect is when i created a New Project otherwise it will not "AUTO" connect. I've tried two laptops – 1 Mac and 1 Windows [running 7] – and two cables [the stock cable and the cable i used previously with my PowerLogger setup] and tried every port.

    on a side note Wifi Connectivity is perfect and works awesome.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.
  2. EricM

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    I have not had any issues connecting with windows 10 or windows 7. I connect to every single ECU through USB many times before shipping.

    I'll be happy to test it if you want. Most guys are using newer win 10 laptops.
  3. HackersDna

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    Eric, just got my ECU. I can not connect to software. Tried USB cable, laptop is new “Win10”. The ECU power light is on, it actually try’s to start but will not. And I can not calibrate TPS since I can not communicate.
  4. EricM

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    Does the fuel pump light come on when you turn the key on?
    If yes, then do this:
    With the key on, open device manager, then plug in the usb cable to the ECU and see if something appears in the ports section. This will confirm that the cable is connecting.

    If that's good, you can try loading new drivers. They are on the flash drive, file name "USB drivers CDM21228_Setup". Then restart your laptop and see if it will connect then.

    Do not attempt to start the car until the laptop can connect and communicate.

    I assume you've already activated the software?
  5. HackersDna

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    It has been activated. I will try exactly what you have instructed. BRB
  6. HackersDna

    HackersDna Member

    The drivers was the issue. Just in case anyone ever reads this, I also checked for USB connection via device settings and it did exactly as Eric said it would. Thank you Eric.
  7. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    Great. Windows “should” have the drivers built in, but once in a while it doesn’t work that way. Let me know if you still have startup issues.