Problems getting powerlogger and version 2.2 install

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  1. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    HI Eric

    I had my mechanic install the hardware for my powerlogger, AEM wideband sensor and gauge and install the new chip in the scanmaster. I picked it up and drove it home noting that the scanmaster was still in 2.1 mode and seemed the same except O2 readings were changing much more rapidly.

    Once home I followed the instructions for installing Powerlogger software. It did not happen automatically and so I clicked the “CDM v.212.06 WHQL.certified exe.” File and it extracted and ran the update. Seemed to run okay.

    So where am I? When I turn the key, the scanmaster shows version 2.2 but then goes dark. I checked with my mechanic and he installed the new chip and he moved the white wire from the ecm to the powerlogger.

    As to the powerlogger. It seems to work except for two things. It is not displaying boost and it is not displaying a/f ratio. It is displaying O2.

    Before I bring the car back to troubleshoot I thought I would check with you on a few things.

    1. Any ideas of why the scanmaster went dark?

    2. My mechanic is asking if he should have connected the 3bar Map directly to the powerlogger for it to read boost and vacuum? He had thought it would be read by the ecm automatically. If so, any specifics would be appreciated.

    3. Similarly, for the AEM a/f sensor, he did hook it up and the gauge is working fine but perhaps he connected it to the powerlogger incompletely. Any specifics here would also be appreciated.

    I will head back when I have some more info to pass on to him. In the meantime, if he needs help do you have a phone number he can call?

    Thanks, I am looking forward to getting this all up and running.

  2. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    When you are connected to the powerlogger, go into the scanmaster options (in the powerlogger software), and make sure Scanmaster G is not selected.

    You have to connect the 3-bar MAP sensor output to the powerlogger input board for it to read boost.

    The AEM analog output also needs connected to the powerlogger input module.

    I'm attaching the input diagram from the instructions.

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  3. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    Very helpful. I got my scanmaster back. Here are the current readings at idle on the scanmaster
    Default 7.3 steady = KR =0
    AF (is this meant to be a/f ratio?) 4 at idle...up to 30 with throttle
    L8 28/29 at idle….up to 90 with throttle
    Integrator 128 Long term trim 135
    AE5 94
    R 850-75 TPS at idle .44 IAC 07
    cc 31 Pw? 1.8/1.9 at idle up to 3.0 with throttle I don't remember having this output before.
    5 (or S) P 27.5 steady
    Mal 0
    MAP 0 steady BST -31 steady

    My guy DID install the a/f output to the connector as you instructed. I was wondering if we did anything wrong. For A/f we have the AEM wideband gauge and sensor.He just spliced into the blue wire that goes to the gauge and ran it to the power logger I/o connector. It was already grounded to the car and the gauge is working so we were wondering if one of the other wires with the AEM has to go somewhere.... As to the MAP, I guess we have to connect that directly to the I/o connection of the Powerlogger. Can we just splice into the input wire that goes to the ecm and run that to the powerlogger as well? On the computr console everything is working except boost, MAP and a/f Hang in there with us. We will get it
  4. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    I re-read the AEM instructions. I will check with my guy about how he wired it. That may be the problem. It looks like the WHITE wire should be connected to the I/o board and the BROWN wire needs to be the ground. Where should that BROWN wire go to in our configuration?
  5. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    You are correct, it should be the white wire for the AEM, and the brown ground wire can go to one of the ground ports on the powerlogger input module.

    On the MAP, there is no input wire to the ECM. The stock ECM had no MAP input and does not know what the boost is. So you'll have to run a new wire from the MAP output signal to the powerlogger module.
  6. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    Thanks again Eric. You're the best. I will pass this on to my mechanic and we'll get the a/f working. As to the MAP, I have once again learned something new. I have read that the MAP sensor uses pressure or vacuum to move a diaphragm which converts that into a voltage. I assumed (incorrectly I guess) that this voltage was originally fed to the ECM to add to it's information in making fueling decisions. If not what did the original MAP sensor talk to? I think it now talks to my ALKY kit and my boost gauge but both of these are aftermarket. And will making a new wire to the powerlogger require a ground to the powerlogger input module like as with the a/f sensor? We're almost there. Tom
  7. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    The original MAP sensor only connected to the boost gauge on the dash. You won't need to run a ground, since your MAP sensor is already working and grounded.
  8. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    Oh yes of course. My digital dash boost gauge had been disabled and replaced by aftermarket gauge when I bought the car. I had forgotten that it was ever there. That should do it. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    Eric, Quick Question. I have Scanmaster 2.2 along with powerlogger installed last spring and all running perfectly. I just noticed error code 32 which on scanmaster 2.1 means EGR. Mine is disabled and I thought the chip ignores it. Is 2.2 different? No problem. Just wondering
  10. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    There shouldn't be a difference. I haven't seen that before. You might reset the ECM and see if it goes away.
  11. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    Eric. Tried resetting ecm (left disconnected for 3 minutes plus) After that turned key on and toggled to error. Still says 32. After starting it still says 32. Will this be a problem in any way? If there is a new error will the scanmaster show multiple codes?

    I don’t know how long this has been happening as I have been largely laid up on crutches this year so not in the car very much. However, right about when I upgraded to powerlogger and LT-1 maf with translator, my digital speedhut boost gauge started acting weirdly. It initializes perfectly at the first start of the day but every time after that it goes to “sender error” If I just turn the key, it always initializes fine but upon starting goes to sender error. Consistently the first start of the day it is fine. Speedhut has provided a new sender, sender harness and has replaced the gauge circuit board twice. No help.

    May not be connected to this error code at all but wondering if, in your experience, anything is different in the cars electronics from the first morning start to all subsequent starts.

    Resetting the ecm had no effect on the boost gauge problem.

    Just wondering if you have any ideas on this. Thanks
  12. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    The code 32 won't hurt anything, but we need to figure out why its there. If you can take a short log with the powerlogger and attach it here, or email, I will take a look.

    Your boost gauge is it's own separate system, so it shouldn't be related to the powerlogger or ECM, unless you somehow have it connected to the powerlogger.
  13. Tom Kelly

    Tom Kelly Active Member

    As luck would have it the error code is gone. I disconnected the battery for the night to make sure the ecm was completely reset. Perhaps three minutes wasn't enough? Anyway I drove it for a while and logged it. Then stopped for gas and started again. True to form the boost gauge went into sender error on the second start. Error 32 code is still gone but attaching the log anyway. Probably nothing to see there. Thanks for being there.

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