PE Fuel Multiplier table?

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  1. turbodig

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    Is the PE fuel multiplier table in the same location in the 6.1 chip, or did it move?

    I have a bit of a lean spot around 4200-4600 that the wideband doesn't quite correct, and I'd like to add a bit more fuel in.


  2. EricM

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    The 6.1 chip definitely moves stuff around and calculates some things differently.
    Is this during initial spoolup, the first time through the 4200-4600 area?
  3. turbodig

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    Happens after each shift. Might be happening at spool-up too, that happens so fast though I'm not sure you'd see it in the data. Goes away pretty much by 4800.

    When setting AFR to 11.1 with my BLMs pretty close to 128, I get a hump up to 11.3-11.5 just after the shifts.
    Been running race gas + alky, so it tolerates it, but it might get a bit lean on street gas.

    Compounding this problem is that powerlogger reads about .15 or so lower (richer) than the Innovate itself. (I'm logging the Innovate data at the same time) I'll need to add some offset to powerlogger so they agree.

    It causes the WB correction to 'chase' AFR a bit when it happens, I think if I could richen it up like 8% or so, it would be pretty close.
    Injector DC falls off right at that time as well, so it does seem like a commanded thing.

    I'll post some powerlogger files later when I get home so you can see what I mean.

  4. turbodig

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    Here's a pretty good couple of examples. Test run 2 shows the bumps at 34.7 and 40.5, at the 2-3 and 3-4 shifts.
    test run 118 shows it at 58.820 sec, this was a 3rd gear hold.

    You can see the corresponding pullback in injector DC at those times.

    Both of these are with 111 race gas and alky. Pretty close to maxed out on the alky. I think the FP is about 50 without vac.
    Build is a TE 51, TA 208 cam,older champ irons, 60s, dequick v4, THDP, and dual 3" pipes.

    Car is really strong, can't get traction with 255/60 ET streets, tires break loose at ~40 with a roll on or a stomp off-idle. Have 275/60 ET Street Rs on now to try to combat that. :)

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  5. EricM

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    Sorry I almost forgot about you.
    I don't think there's any quick way to describe how to make the changes in the chip. It would be easier if I adjusted it.
    Look like it needs a tad less fuel around 5200, and a tad more around 4700. Also, the boost jumps a little on the 2-3 shift which causes a little lean spike. It's tough to dial that out with this type of system since it doesn't know manifold pressure.

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