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    Open loop, settings at 50 on the table like the youtube vid, will decrease to say 30 as we would like to limit to 17psi at this point, still learning. However, we had a strange overboost condition on decel of throttle at one point in this log. Im not that used to internal gate setups and new to this platform. I would be looking at a BOV issue on one of my bikes if I saw this. 6262 turbo, 4" intake, champ intake and alum heads, mild cam, 3500 lock up converter. Meth injex is NOT set up yet as I need to read how to run a solid state relay to the snow system we have. Anything stick out to anyone?

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    I agree on the boost, just reduce duty cycle and see if that gets you what you want. I think when you started to let off, there was still some inertia in the wheel so the boost still climbed a tad.

    However, I'm concerned about many of the jumpy readings. Not sure what to make of that (map, rpm, and some others cycling up and down). You're not using non-resistor plugs are you?

    Does it feel like its running ok?
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    Using UR5s at .30 brand new today. As for it running, dad says it feels ok however we have had a situation happen twice where he had to brake quickly from say 45mph and engine stalled. I tried to recreate that situation today and we couldn't get it to happen. As im not on the pedal and I wouldn't know this car anyway, he says he thinks it feels good while sit there and edit VE where I think it needs it in the passenger seat with the laptop. We shoud probably go back and look and ensure all of our vacuum lines are good to go and see. This was a Cruz built motor and now that I think about it, the pulls we did today were probably the closest to ring seating that's been done. Smokes a little at idle 12.9ish smells rich. I know that's the desired afr on the table you set up, I like my bikes to stay nice n cool for the valves at that afr especially the strokers. If we need to lean it a bit we can try that with the idle table. I did notice a slight shaft play on the turbo when we pulled the motor for Don to rebuild (precision was a PiTA about when I tried to send in for a rebuild and didn't wanna) however im not sure that's as bad as my OCD would think it.
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    There is no idle table for AFR, you just use the main AFR table. Although 12.9 won't cause smoke or smell. Smoke is most commonly oil.