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  1. Corsair231

    Corsair231 New Member

    Trying to decide what injectors I want to get. Any differences in drivability between the 42's and 60's on a stock truck. I'm sure 42's would be enough fuel (with alcohol) for my goals, (right now- stock turbo, stock exhaust, future- maybe eventually mid-low 12's, slight turbo upgrade if the stock one ever goes, etc.), i.e., just a good running street machine. Definitely not a max boogie track star. If there are no drivability issues then is bigger better? Is an adjustable fpr a must with either set? I also notice that the 60's are out of stock. Do you foresee anything holding availability up. I would hate to order a chip for injectors it takes six months to get. :)
  2. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    Most guys go straight to the 60's as there is really no difference in drivability. No particular reason to use an adjustable regulator since the chip has user adjustments, and the stock SyTy regulator was already 43psi. I receive a batch of 60's typically every week, so you should be good there.
  3. Corsair231

    Corsair231 New Member

    Sounds like the 60's will be the way to go then. This truck will be a cruise-in/week-end driver and although it may end up on the track a few times, street manners will be what is important. I will probably get with you in a day or two to order the combo.

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