Injector Question, MSD 50's

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    Just picked up a used set of MSD 50's along with a TT 5.6 alky chip that is spot on with my Regal needs. They were at a real decent price so I grabbed them even though I really didn't need them for the car. I currently have 009-42.5's with one of your alky chips and the set-up works well. I am wanting injectors for my Sy right now though. I was wondering that since the 50's don't seem to be that popular anymore were there any issues with them (idle, drivability, etc.) that made them fall out of favor?

    Thoughts were first (if they have no bad reputation issues), to get a chip and use them in the Sy , second to swap the 009's from my Regal to use in the Sy and put the 50's in my car, or I could do neither and get new 60's for the Sy (which is what I should have probably done in the first place but hey, it's how I am, always looking for a deal and trying to save a buck, lol) or I could just sell them.

    So, issues? Better in the Sy, Regal, or just sell them?


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