Ignition Timing by Gear or Speed

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    I installed ecu-GN recently and am working on getting the tune dialed in. I’m really enjoying the new setup so far. One area I can’t get to my liking is ignition timing. The 6.1 chip that was in the car previously had more timing in 1st and 2nd gears (21) and dropped the timing 2 degrees in 3rd gear (19) presumably to reduce the likelihood of detonation under the higher load.

    Is there a way with ecu-GN to adjust timing by speed or gear since the main ignition table only has an axis for MAP and RPM?

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    Yes. We can use the speed based launch control to make that happen. It is normally used to retard timing on launch, but we can make it stay on for speed based timing. Here is the screen:


    Since this table can only retard, you will set your main ignition table to the highest value you wanted for the low speed, then this table will retard it according to how you set up the table by speed. Leave the last value in the table at a high mph so you never hit it (I have it at 180mph).

    In this example setup, it will retard timing by 2 degrees, when you hit about 60mph. There is also a rev limiter in there, but we're not using it and I have the whole table set to 7000 so we never hit it.

    I have it set so it activates only over 20% throttle, but you can put that wherever you want.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Perfect. Thanks

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