GM obd 1 scann tool to check timing

Discussion in 'Powerlogger for Buick' started by Ron Freitas, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Hey guys its been a wile since i installed all the parts from you a few years has been running fine ,been driving it for the last six months going easy on it.Recently purchased a used mustang dyno and decided to strap it and did some pulls on it,knock retard was going up so tried playing with timing but still pulls timing from knock.not a buick guy so im not familiar where the EST bypass connector is located to disconnect and check timing,so i used my old school GM obd1 scan tool to check timing and its showing stock base timing at 15 degrees, correct if looking in alldata base timing, but i see in recent post searches that timing should be at 0 degrees.I checked cam sensor alignment with the GN cam sensor tool and that is set,Checked pulley allignment and it shows dead on 0 degrees at TDC
    how would i change the actual base timing.Here is what i have installed, purchased from turbo tweak.

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    • 1 of : 60lb/hr Injector/Chip Combo for Buick/TTA[Car Type:86/87 Turbo Buick][Chip Type:Street (with or without alcohol injection)][Fuel Octane:91][Upgrade to Wideband 6.1 chip?:Yes (requires a Powerlogger and wideband O2)][Turbo:precision turbo 60-1][Intercooler:precision stretched stock location upgrade][Torque Converter:2800 stall][Cylinder Heads:stock with upgraded 90lb springs][Camshaft:stock][ECM reading correct MPH?:Yes, it's within +/- 10 MPH][If alky injection, what kit?:single stage alky kit][If alky, how many nozzles?:1][Intended max boost with this chip:25 lbs][1/4 mile goals, (if any):10 second range][Other Info:stage 2 transmission with hard billet parts,fuel pressure gauge with regulator,walbro pump with hot wire upgrade,cold air intake,bigger throttle body,3 inch down pipe,scan master,aem afr gauge.]

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    It looks like the info you are finding is not for a turbo Buick. You cannot change the base timing.

    To check timing, jump the A-B terminals at the ALDL connector (top 2 far right), then start the car. This will lock timing to 15*. Check it with a timing light. If it's at 15*, then you're good.

    If it's knocking, then it's likely either too lean or not enough alcohol, or too much boost. It's also possible it's false knock.

    Since you have a powerlogger, and a 3-bar map, and wideband, you can check those things by looking at a log. Also, make sure the wideband is connected correctly to the powerlogger, since you have a wideband chip.

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    Thank You for the quick response Eric. It is at 15 degrees,i turned up the alky knob to 7 and took out the knock:)but still feels like its holding back in the higher rpm's,Im going to send you some logg files i saved from today, if you have time could you look at it and let me know what you think,any help would be greatly appreciated.Also can you log IAT? Is there a IAT you sell that can be installed to the logger,felt the intercooler piping was pretty hot and was wondering if you could monitor the temps on the power logger if a sensor was added.(just wondering)
    Thanks for your time Eric.

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    IAT is already logged, but you would have to move the sensor from the intake to the up-pipe.